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TitelTelefonie: Teams Direct Routing Störung bei Microsoft
AnfangThu 28.03.2024 12:50
EndeThu 28.03.2024 13:20
BetrifftSolNet Kunden welche Digital Voice Business 4T nutzen.
ProblemMicrosoft meldet eine Störung mit Teams Direct Routing.
Microsoft Issue ID: TM760143

UPDATE 28.3.2024 - 13:51:49: Microsoft meldet:
We've identified that a network routing change has impacted PSTN calling. We've reverted the change to remediate impact, and monitoring telemetry had shown recovery since 12:20 PM UTC. We're entering a period of extended monitoring to confirm the issue is resolved.

UPDATE 28.3.2024 - 13:55:00: Microsoft meldet:
After an extended period of monitoring and receiving multiple reports that the issue was no longer occurring, we've confirmed the issue has been resolved.

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